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Amazing Flatbread for Shawarma, Gyros, or anything else you want to wrap up and eat

This flatbread recipe is really great, it gets thinner and bigger than other flatbread recipes I have tried. Some of which are closer to a Pita bread, which are amazing as well, but when looking for something that can hold lots of stuff inside and be wrapped well this recipe is great. It is also incredibly simple.

Overall this recipe takes about an hour an a half or less total.

The recipe makes 6 wraps

To start off you'll need:

2 cups of AP flour

1/2 tsp salt

3 1/2 tbsp unsalted butter (basically half a stick of butter) (50 g)

3/4 cup of milk

I started out by putting the milk and butter in a small pot on the stove so they could warm and the butter would melt. I measured the flour and added in the salt, I also added in garlic powder and cumin for extra flavor. This dry mixture should be whisked well. This when the butter and milk was ready i just poured it into the flour mixture and used a bread whisk to incorporate together so there was no extra flour. I made sure the dough was not too sticky by added a bit more flour to the outside before taking it out of the bowl and covering the ball with plastic wrap. Then leave it for about 30 minutes to rest. Then cut the dough into 6 even chunks, or 12 if you've doubled it. Heat up a pan, I used stainless steel, you can use whatever you'd like to. Just get it hot, you can use any high heat oil, I ended up using olive oil and it worked fine. You can roll them into balls before rolling them out so they are more round in the end if you want, make sure you have enough flour so they don't stick to the rolling pin or the surface underneath, then when they are as thin as you'd like, throw them one by one on the hot pan, you want the pan on medium heat or a little higher, it should end up looking kind of like a flour tortilla. Taste a bit if you're worried they might not be cooked long enough, they should be flexible but cooked inside. Then just wrap whatever you'd like inside and eat it.



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