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Animusic : A Nostalgic and Fun experience

Updated: Jan 22

Animusic is a now dead animation company known for it's youtube videos that animate 3D instruments with music made with MIDI. This is an excert from the Wikipedia page that explains how Animusic works. "Unlike many other music visualizations, Animusic uses MIDI information to drive the animation, while other 3D programs animate figures or characters to the music. Any animated models in Animusic are created first, and are then programmed to follow what the music, or MIDI information, instructs them to do."

Wayne Lytle created Animusic in 1990 and he worked along side David Crognale. They ended up finishing two albums, and were working on a 3rd but, as a reddit article explains, "a lack of focus and extreme mental and physical strain from the stress induced by Wayne and Dave to develop their projects ultimately led to

Animusic 3's downfall."

Some personal favorites are Aqua Harp, Pogo Sticks, Pipe Dream, and Acoustic Curves, but honestly they are all very interesting. A quick youtube search of "Animusic" will point you in the right direction to explore them all.



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