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Apple Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls

This a pretty simple one. I used the dough recipe from this website, I think it was a good recipe, pretty simple, doesn't need to sit overnight.

I felt like making rolls of some kind but wasn't really feeling the whole cinnamon thing. I had an apple so I peeled, cut it into smaller pieces and threw it in a small pot with butter, brown sugar, and frozen blueberries to cook. I drained some of the liquid off in the end and used it for the frosting on top making it a nice light purple color. I rolled the dough out like you would normally and instead of making the cinnamon sugar and butter filling I used the soft apples and blueberries, I also sprinkled some cinnamon sugar I had that was already put together from when I was obsessed with making toast with cinnamon sugar and butter on it. I just kinda sprinkled that on top of the apples and blueberries and rolled them up like you would reg. cinnamon rolls. I cut them into pieces and continued to follow the recipe, let them rise, baked them, then mixed the left over liquid from cooking the apple mixture with some powdered sugar and a bit of milk until I got the correct consistency and then I put it on the rolls. I baked them in a springform pan. They were good, I think even better the next day (I think sometimes cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven are too chewy and almost feel like they're under done). Could be cooked for like 5 mins longer to possibly make that better...



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