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Get your Vegetable Garden to Flourish : A Psychological Approach

I have struggled to get my vegetable garden to truly produce and flourish for the last couple years after slowly working on getting the soil used to being worked and trying to get nutrients back into it. This year I have a couple plans of attack, chicken manure, black gold AKA worm manure, E.B. Stone Fertilizers, a water soluble calcium fertilizer I made with egg shells, and prayer. Thinking of different things that help with performance I thought of making a "Most Successful Plants of 2024" book and letting them all know that if they tried their best, they may get to be in the book. I thought of 6 categories they could win in, Best Tasting, Most Improved from Previous Years, Best Producer of Food, Tallest, Most overall Growth, and of course, Sexiest. I figure that along with the extra nutrients and attention I am planning on giving them this year, this extra incentive to be the best plant they can be will help me have enough food to feed my dad, myself, and have lots of extra for canning, freezing, and dehydrating for winter months.

To make something similar to this book for whatever you see fit (options are literally endless) it is a pretty simple folding and cutting technique using only a single sheet of printer size paper, it's called a zine.

This book is a work in progress so an update won't be available until the end of the year. Hopefully my theory is correct and this will incentivize my plants this year. I also hope that this post specifically inspires -someone- to make a zine about -something-. Happy zining!



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