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Peter Hunt : Artist

Peter Hunt AKA Frederick Lowe Schnitzer was an American born artist who was popular in the 1940's and 1950's. His work is quite romantic. He focused on painting furniture with colorful artwork depicting flowers, hearts, birds, angels, and often french phrases. He served in World War I in France and then moved back to Massachusetts with his parents. His father was also a painter but never gained the same notoriety. He opened a shop called "Peter Hunt's Peasant Village" and soon was painting furniture for some very influential people. They say he was charming, good looking, witty, and well obviously also an amazing painter. He wrote a "how-to" book about his paintings, seemingly in a way to encourage others to paint in a similar style. He also hired young artists and taught them how to paint like him.

His work makes me very happy, it is playful, simple, and beautiful. Painting on furniture is another aspect of his work that I adore, he makes something that you use and see everyday into a work of art on its own. He passed in 1967 at 71 years old. Here are some examples of his art, I just found it very interesting, look him up online if you require more information. xx

A dresser painted by Hunt

Shelf Steps painted by Hunt

Cupboard painted by Hunt

Kitchen Cabinets also painted by Hunt

And last but not least a Peter Hunt inspired Bureau painted by Virginia Pina.



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