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Upside-down Blueberry Cake : One of the BEST cakes I have had.

I will start this off by being very honest, I don't like sweet things that much. They certainly have their moments... but generally not super into them. This cake however is very very good, I even had a slice for breakfast this morning which is kind of unheard of for me. It is not the sweetest cake, which I appreciate, but the natural sweetness of the blueberries are great, and the lemon cake base is really delicious and could almost be considered an olive oil cake.

I should also mention I have made it twice now, the first time I followed the recipe to a tee, this last time I had to get a little creative.. both times it was amazing. I have tons of frozen blueberries that I picked from a friends farm, so that is what I use. The second time I also included some pears, making sure that the weight of the blueberries and pears all together added up to the correct measurement of total fruit needed. For the yogurt, I used Samish Bay Yogurt, only because I had to buy a container of yogurt specifically for this so I got my Dad's favorite so he could eat the rest of it. The second time I used Greek Yogurt, it worked just fine.

The second time I also didn't have brown sugar, I measured out the white sugar like normal and then eyeballed about 1/8th of the cup of molasses and then added more white sugar until I got the correct "brown sugar" weight. I also had to bake it about 8/10 minutes extra each time. Point being.... it's not easy to f up so just try it out!

This is a picture of my second time making it, you can see the pears on the very top.



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