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Wilco's Sky Blue Sky : Personal Nostalgia

When I got old enough to have my own personal iPod touch I learned that there was tons and tons of music out there. I fought the old music my dad had always listened to and found my own, which I still love and holds it's own special place in my heart. That being said nothing had prepared me for the times after finding my own music that I would go into my Dad's shop and hear a song I knew all the words to yet didn't know who was singing or the title of the song. There are many different artists my Dad listened to when I was growing up that I feel a very similar way about. This album is different than all of them.

There is always a specific memory that comes to mind when I listen to

Sky Blue Sky by Wilco.

Early morning family road trip, books that always make me car sick, twislers sour rope? is that a thing?, and most importantly, the outside changing into summer. Whenever we went to California to visit my Papa we would do the whole road trip, which had its ups and downs. That being said some of my most special moments as a child was watching out the window as the trees, sun, grass, and water changed into a new place. Sky blue Sky, the whole album and also specifically this song, remind me of the clouds disappearing and looking up into the sky, having to take jackets off as it got warmer, the sunroof opening and looking out of it from the back seat. It's funny because I know what I was doing while we were driving through the majority of the trip, I was sleeping, so maybe those places I saw along the way were just places we stopped. Either way, I learned all of these songs, over the hours and many years we went on this same road trip. Then somehow when I was about 14 I gained consciousness and found out I somehow knew all the lyrics to a song I didn't know anything about.

I didn't look into the song at all for years and years, I would hear it when my Dad played it and that was it. Most of the music that my Dad listened to I started to notice more and more, and over time I started to ask him about a song if I recognized it. It sent me in many directions, as in multiple bands, random songs, etc etc. This album though... something is different about this one. Every single song I knew, not it way where I could name the song title, but I felt like I had listened to the album 100's of times before ever looking it up.

Sky Blue Sky was released in 2007, I was six. To desribe the album as a whole I would say it's "sunny", feel good, lyrical, and like every album ever... not every song is something I would listen to everyday. They all have their place.

For this album maybe two categories:

UP: More to say about these songs because well I LIKE THEM MORE

Either Way: I have this tattooed on me, great lyrics, very important song.

You Are My Face: , Know it by heart, changes up, gets funky, love it.

Sky Blue Sky: What this whole post is about.

Please Be Patient with Me: As if Wilco was a little baby bird dancing on a little branch. Very baby bird.

Leave Me (Like You Found Me): Beautiful melody, sinister but in a very low-key way, also sweet angel type, lady in white spinning type sweetness, then at 1:52 we realize they know how to play instruments, then at 2:17 we get back to all that other stuff and realize its boy breakup type thing.

What Light: He is right!

DOWN: Less to comment on because they haven't yet entranced me.

Side with the seeds: Haven't hear this in a long time. Funny because I know the song so well yet have consciously listened to it only 10 times.

Impossible Germany: This is what love is for, To be out of place, Gorgeous and alone, face to face.

Shake it off: Such a specific vibe.

Hate It Here: Boy breakup core

Walken: Honestly silly!!!

On and On and On: All that good stuff, then at 2:30 the vibe changes into more rock type shit, once again reminding us that they know how to play instruments real good and they don't even need Mr. Tweedy.



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