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Quick art practice : Making four drawings at the same time

As someone who enjoys doing art but also often feels a pressure to create something "good" this practice has been fun to do. I saw a video about it on youtube a bit ago, (unfortunately cannot give credit where it is due) it is a pretty basic idea and an interesting way to make "copies" of your drawing.

Starting with 4 pieces of paper, probably the same size and color, (but honestly changing that up would be fun also) you'll decide what you're going to draw and what you're going to draw with and then go from there. I try to do it in small parts in order to make the drawings more similar, and then I go around in a circle making the same marks on each page until I have 4 drawings of the same thing. This is not a perfection based activity so it helps me personally let myself make mistakes and just be able to do some art without worrying about it being "good" or not.

I made a quick video showing what I am talking about for the more visual learner.

Here are some more examples of other ones done in oil pastels on printer paper:



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