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"What should be considered art?" answered by Patrick Brennan

When I was in highschool my main interest that was school related was art, but as different things in my life affected my mental health being forced to do art in the form of assignments was tourturous. For years after highschool I did paintings of peoples pets for the holidays, when I first came up with idea I remember thinking how good it would be for me, a little money, but mostly lots and lots of practice. It ended up being something similar to art class, something I ended up feeling was assigned to me (by me) and something I now had to finish. I got practice I suppose but my main takeaway was that I never felt like I had enough time, and I was sending out peices of work I felt I could have done better if there wasn't a time limit. That being said after a couple of years of that I decided I had to take a break from it, maybe indefinitely. The way I think of art now is that it should be inspired by something, there should be some sort of fire from you that is igniting the idea.

A good family friend, Patt Brennan, teaches me about art even when he is not trying to. In highschool for a video production class I made an art documentary showcasing a few different artists I appreciated. My friend Sophie, my first art teacher Carla, and Patt. (Not that the other two artists are not important, this one is just not about them!) Something I have always admired about his work specfically is the fact that every time I look at a painting of his I think, "Where would you even start?" There is something so special about his work. Beyond being a great painter he is an amazing artist in life. I made a video from an old clip from the documentary where he answers the question "What should be considered art?" I hope you find it as inspiring as I did.

Youtube video^

His art^



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